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NO.444 11.05.2018

Best THE World University Ranking Achieved Thus far

In the recent world university rankings sponsored by the world-renowned organization, Times Higher Education (THE), Kyung Hee University placed 5th overall among Korean universities, 356th among the world’s universities, and 1st among Korean universities in the level of globalization achieved. This is the best ranking for the University thus far.


Because THE places 65% of its assessment on research related indices, their ranking often serves as the yardstick by which to measure research capability, the core value of higher educational institutions. 1,258 universities from around the world were evaluated for this year’s ranking.


As a result of its decade-long effort to strengthen its core value to become ‘a true university of future,’ Kyung Hee’s efforts are bearing their fruit in university rankings, especially in one that focuses on scholastic capacity.


As a result of its decade-long effort to strengthen its core value to become ‘a true university of future,’ Kyung Hee’s efforts are bearing their fruit in university rankings, especially in one that focuses on scholastic capacity.


University income per instructor (instructional environment) makes dramatic 22.1 point climb
For the past four years (2014 ? 2018), Kyung Hee has been rising steadily in THE rankings. It has climbed especially dramatically in the frequency of paper citations and in international outlook by at least 20 points. During this time, research performance has also escalated by 11.1 points.


This year, the University saw higher scores in five areas: paper citations; research performance; instructional condition; international outlook; income from academia-industry collaboration. Delving deeper into sub-level indices, there was a 22.1-point jump in university income per instructor (instructional condition). Foreign instructor ratio (international outlook) and international students (international outlook) also rose by 16.3 points and 15.1 points, respectively.


Improvements were observed in paper citations, research fund income (research performance), number of papers per instructor (research performance), educational reputation (instructional condition), number of doctoral degrees granted per instructor (instructional condition), ratio of bachelorreputation (instructional cond (instructional condition), and industry research fund income (industry income).


Number of papers, paper citations and research income attest to individual achievements of professors

It is remarkable that this year’s improvement over the previous year mostly came from the collective performance of individual professors. The significant improvements in the number of papers and paper citations, as well as the research fund income offer clear proof that individual professors have achieved higher levels of personal capability.


In fact, the academic excellence of Kyung Hee faculty is recognized around the world. In 2017, the University produced three Highly Cited Researcher (HCRs). Alongside Sungkyunkwan University and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Kyung Hee was among the top three universities in Korea to develop and/or recruit the most HCRs. HCR refers to researchers whose citation frequency in research papers is among the top 1% in the world.


Kyung Hee also saw a dramatic rise in ranking on two indices that belong to the ‘International Outlook’ section of the THE World University Ranking evaluation scheme, taking the top spot among Korean universities. A high ranking on ‘International Outlook’ signifies favorable reputation among international students and recognition from international academia.


Industry collaboration income saw the highest climb among top ten local universities
Another item begs special attention in this year’s THE ranking. Among the top ten universities in Korea, Kyung Hee had the largest increase in industry collaboration income score. Improvements seen in both ‘Industry Income’ and ‘International Outlook’ are an outcome of enhanced research capability. When research skills are upgraded, it is more likely that businesses will provide more research funds, international academia will take notice, and cross-border joint research will expand.


In fact, Kyung Hee’s research prowess is becoming evident in various assessments. In the THE World University Rankings, the University’s rankings have steadily soared for four consecutive years in both the qualitative index (paper citations) and the quantitative measures (research performance). Moreover, Kyung Hee is adding globally recognized departments and faculty.


In the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Kyung Hee rose to the top echelon by taking 8th in the word, and 1st in Korea in the field of Hotel & Tourism Management. The University is the only Korean university to make an appearance in any of the top 10 ARWU rankings. In ARWU, Kyung Hee placed in 28 out of 54 assessed areas, which is four more than in the previous year.

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